Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Tours

Tour to Huangshan

Known as Yellow Mountain, has become a tourist city that includes Yellow Mountain Scenic Spot and many other attractions. Most tourists in Huangshan City visit Yellow Mountain Scenic Spot which is well-known for its four wonders of spectacular peaks, odd-shaped pines, hot springs and seas of cloud. It is one of the famous mountains symbolizing the Chinese nation.

As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Huangshan attractions are mostly scenic with breath-taking natural scenery and distinct Hui style architecture. Tour to explore fantastic rock peaks, mysterious sea of clouds, beautiful pine trees and enjoy the natural hot springs. Yellow Mountain shows different views in each season and is worthy to visit year round. Neighboring ancient cities with 800-900 years of history such as Tunxi and Xidi are also a wonderful addition to the nature and cultural experience.

When to visit

Huangshan is attractive all year round as you will experience different charms of Huangshan in different season. A green mountain in spring, clear sky in summer, colorful foliage in fall, and a crystal wonderland in winter.

Huangshan Tour Packages


  • Price based on per person, sharing one room.
  • Initial price based on using standard hotel during low travel season.
  • Cost includes local land and air transfers, hotels, mentioned meals, site admissions.
  • itinerary is subject to change based on local travel condition, weather, flight, etc.
  • Tour price is subject to change due to currency exchange, local holidays, etc.

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