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Tour in Guizhou

Guizhou Province is a hidden gem in the southwest of China. Its unfamiliarity to travelers and tourists kept most of its landscape and local minority culture relatively untouched. As a mountainous province, it has abundance of peculiar natural scenery, aboriginal, and mysterious landscape.

Guizhou is home to more than 15 major ethnic minority groups and it’s a wonderful experience to visit various minority villages and discover the rich and distinctive folk customs and cultures. In many of the local villages built during the Ming Dynasty, local people today are still living and dressing in the Ming Dynasty style. Guizhou is also famed by the 250ft drop Huangguoshu Waterfall, known to be the biggest waterfall in China and eastern Asia.

When to visit

Guizhou is pleasant to visit all year round. However, due to the plateau climate, it does have more rainfall than any other part of the China, specially between Mar and Aug. In order to better experience the colorful minority culture, the best time to visit is during early spring when many local festivals are taking place.

Guizhou Tour Packages


  • Price based on per person, sharing one room.
  • Initial price based on using standard hotel during low travel season.
  • Cost includes local land and air transfers, hotels, mentioned meals, site admissions.
  • itinerary is subject to change based on local travel condition, weather, flight, etc.
  • Tour price is subject to change due to currency exchange, local holidays, etc.

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