China to Debut World’s Largest River Cruise Ship

Asia’s longest river is getting the world’s biggest river cruise ship. American brand Victoria Cruises recently announced the Victoria Sabrina, a seven-deck, 270-cabin vessel that will ferry 700 passengers along China’s Yangtze River. The luxury ship is set to make her maiden voyage in May 2020.

Nine different research and design firms participated in the vessel’s construction and design, which combines both Western and Chinese elements. The ship is Victoria Cruises’ most impressive and luxurious offering yet. All rooms will have balconies, and an open-air observation deck on top of the ship will provide plenty of vantage points and opportunities for enjoying the views. Passengers will have the chance to enjoy immaculately appointed rooms, cuisine that mixes Western comfort with world-class Chinese dishes, theatre and observation decks, a bar and a gym, among other amenities.

River cruises are not uncommon along the Yangtze, but Victoria Sabrina is the first to take full advantage of the river’s Three Gorges Dam, a $31 billion hydroelectric dam completed in 2003, which increases shipping capacity, generates world-record power output and prevents flooding.

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